Pipe Relining Wahroonga

Pipe Relining Wahroonga

The Leading Pipe Relining Experts in Wahroonga

Are you looking for a pipe relining expert in Wahroonga? Look no further than Total Relining Solutions. Pipe repair is probably the worst home maintenance project. The first thing that probably comes to mind when you have such a plumbing problem is to replace your pipes. You are not wrong, since pipe replacement is the traditional way of fixing leaking pipes. However, we now have pipe relining thanks to technological advancement. Pipe relining is a better and cheaper way of repairing damaged pipes.

We know that pipe relining is an evolving technology, but not everyone knows about it. However, we have the skills and tools to provide high-quality pipe relining. At Total Relining Solutions, we specialise in pipe relining and have unmatched skills in understanding drain systems. We have invested heavily in the latest pipe relining technology, allowing us to offer the best permanent fix for your drainage system.

How Does Pipe Relining in Wahroonga Work?

You have probably heard people talking about pipe relining, but few understand how it works. The procedure combines a flexible textile liner with an epoxy resin blend. The liner and resin blend depend on the size of the pipe being repaired, what the pipe is made of, and what will flow through the pipe. For instance, a residential plumbing system will have different needs from an industrial waste drain system.

Our plumbers will push the liner and resin blend using air or water pressure. The liner will stick to the old pipe, and we will leave it to dry and harden or cure it using hot air or water. The liner will transform from a flexible fabric to a hardened pipe, which can survive even if the old pipe surrounding it deteriorates. As the leading pipe relining professionals in Wahroonga, we are upfront and honest with you about your situation and only recommend the best course of action.

Pipe Relining Wahroonga
Pipe Relining Wahroonga

Get High-Quality Pipe Relining Services in Wahroonga

Most leaks in Sydney occur in two types of pipes; old terracotta and newer PVC. Leaks can cause stains, damage, and mould on your interior walls. A leak on the ground will attract tree roots and destabilise the soil. Our pipe relining experts in Wahroonga will use a CCTV camera to identify the cause of your problem. We will show you the footage and explain why pipe relining is the best solution. While most people refer to pipe relining as a repair, the result is a new pipe. The old pipe can decay and leave the new relining unaffected. So, pipe relining gives similar results to pipe replacement.

Every plumbing is different, so it is essential to hire a qualified plumber to investigate your circumstance before starting any work. Our fully insured team prides itself on offering durable and reliable work. For this reason, we offer a 50-year installation guarantee on all relined pipes and a life expectancy of over 50 years.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality pipe relining services to Sydney residents.

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