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    Total Relining Solutions are your local experts in Ashcroft when it comes to repairing damaged or blocked drains and pipes. Our local, friendly and affordable team of experienced pipe relining specialists guarantee your satisfaction with our work in Ashcroft. We’re so confident, that we’ll beat any local competitor quote so you can be sure you’re getting the best price, and the best quality of service in Ashcroft.

    • We are pipe relining specialists.
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    This graphic demonstrates the before and after of your pipes. All cracks and holes in the pipe are fully sealed by the new pipe which is inserted into the old pipe using advanced resin pipe technology. Watch this short video if you’d like a clearer understanding of how we do this so efficiently and without digging.

    Blocked Drains and Pipe Relining inAshcroft

    Got a blocked drain in Ashcroft? Here’s what caused it.

    Our first port of call will be to come and visit your property in Ashcroft and use a special camera which is inserted into your drain system to inspect the condition of your pipes and  identify the cause of the issue. A thorough inspection involves not just the use of a camera but also a high pressure clean that should make the condition of the pipes visible.

    Blockages caused by items like wet wipes can generally be dislodged without requiring relining. A blockage caused by a tree root might be able to be removed with a cutting tool, however the presence of roots generally indicates a leak (the roots are attracted to water), and so simply cutting the roots in the pipe is unlikely to solve the problem permanently.

    Most leaks in and surrounding areas occur in two types of pipes:

    1. old terracotta (or vitrified clay) pipes – these pipes usually have sand cement or rubber ring joints every metre, and these connections are the most common source of a weak spot, which has degraded and caused a leak. The pipes themselves can also crack or disintegrate, but the joint connections are the most likely cause
    2. newer PVC piping installed incorrectly or damaged through ground movement or weight on top.

    Leaks in home plumbing can cause stains, damage and mould on your interior walls and leaks in the ground attract tree roots, and can destabilise soil and, eventually, the pipes themselves. You should be able to view footage from the camera and have a plumber explain what they believe the best solution for you will be.


    What’s the best course of action: replacement, repair, relining or rehabilitation?

    Relining is often referred to as ‘repair’ or ‘rehabilitation’, however, the end result of relining is actually a replacement! It’s just that the new pipe is inside an old one. Once a pipe is relined, the old pipe could disintegrate and the new relining will remain, unaffected. Essentially relining gives the same end result as excavating and replacing but much less mess and oftentimes less expense! 

    There are two common routes we go down once we determine a pipe has issues:

    1. Sectional repair – a single faulty joint (the connection between two pipes), junction (the connection between two streams of pipes) or a piece of damaged pipe, can be replaced with a small section of liner or by exposing and replacing the problematic pipe or pipes.
    2. Total replacement or rehabilitation – complete replacement or relining of all your pipes. While it may only be some of your pipes leaking, if they’re all of a similar age and condition it can be more economical or practical to get them all done at the same time. This is usually recommended if there are signs of erosion or degradation on all, or many, of the joints. Taking this preventative approach ensures you won’t be left with collapsed pipes requiring emergency plumbing intervention. Collapsed pipes also usually take away the opportunity for relining, leaving excavation as your only option.

    How does relining work? Can all pipes be relined, and are all reliners the same?

    The relining process works by combining a flexible textile liner with an epoxy resin blend. The exact type of liner and resin blend will depend on what size pipe is being replaced, what that pipe is made of, and what will be flowing through the pipes. For example, a household sewerage system will have different needs to a business with chemical or industrial waste.

    Once the right reliner and resin blend has been created it gets pushed into the old pipes using air or water pressure. The reliner sticks to the old pipe, and is then either left to dry and harden, or cured using hot air or water. Whatever the hardening process, the liner transforms from a flexible fabric to a hardened pipe, sometimes referred to as a CIPP (cured in-place pipe). The new hardened pipe can survive even if the old pipe surrounding it deteriorates or decays.

    In this set of images you can see the liner being impregnated with the epoxy resin, the inversion drum that pushes the new pipes inside the old ones, and what it looks like inside a cured pipe.

    Is the reliner pipe as strong as a new pipe installed by digging a trench? What are the alternative materials?

    The pipe created through the relining process is stronger than PVC piping, and is longer lasting. The best suppliers of PVC piping in Australia guarantee their product for a maximum of 15 years. The relining products that Total Relining Solutions use have a 50 year guarantee in Ashcroft.

    Cost of Pipe Relining in Ashcroft

    Pipe Relining is oftentimes far more affordable than an excavation due to it taking less time and requiring less equipment, an leaving behind less mess!

    Total Relining Solutions will beat any local competitor price, so you know you’re getting the best price and work completed to the highest quality every time.

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