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    When it comes to commercial pipe relining in Sydney, Total Relining Solutions have got you covered. Using the latest pipe relining technology, our experienced plumbers and pipe reliners can permanently repair your pipes at an affordable price, leaving you to get on with business.

    We know experience and results matter, and you can trust you’re in good hands with our 50-year installation guarantee. Our expert team have years of experience relining pipes for both commercial and residential clients all throughout Sydney. Our team even relined a badly damaged section of the Sydney Harbour Bridge stormwater drains, so you can rest assured we can be trusted with commercial jobs of any size. As is the case in many commercial settings, pipe relining was the perfect choice for this inaccessible location.

    How we establish whether pipe relining is suitable

    Traditionally, blocked drains would require direct access via a plumber to fix the problem. This could involve cutting walls, digging trenches or even excavating roads to gain access. The alternative solution – no dig pipe relining – is the keyhole surgery of the plumbing world. It is generally a less invasive, less cosmetically damaging method of solving plumbing issues. There are a huge number of factors that determine the best solution for a blocked pipe or overflow of sewer, and unfortunately pipe relining is not necessarily suitable, or the most economical in all situations.

    To determine if pipe relining is the best solution for your business, a camera will be inserted into your pipes to identify the cause of the issue and assess the pipe condition. Some commercial pipe blockages can be dislodged with a robotic cutting tool or high-pressure hose and are unlikely to have caused the sort of damage that would require the pipes to be re-lined or replaced. In Sydney commercial properties, we commonly see old terracotta pipes that have degraded, cracked or disintegrated over time, or newer pvc piping which has been installed incorrectly or damaged through weight load above.

    Combining a high pressure clean with use of a camera for an internal inspection, our experts will make an assessment of your pipes and determine if the current issue is an isolated incident or sign of aging pipes. They will then recommend either a sectional repair, or total pipe replacement or rehabilitation. A sectional repair involves repair to a single joint or small section of pipe, whereas a total pipe replacement involves a complete relining of all your pipes. It is important for a thorough inspection to occur so that the correct repair decisions can be made for your business.

    How commercial pipe relining works

    The pipe relining process works by combining a flexible textile liner with an epoxy resin blend. Considering the demands of commercial use, our experienced staff select the most appropriate type of liner and resin blend. This is then pushed into the old pipes using air or water pressure. The reliner sticks to the old pipe, and is then either left to dry and harden, or cured using hot air or water. The liner then transforms from a flexible fabric to a hardened pipe. Essentially pipe relining gives the same end result as excavating and replacing – a new pipe sitting inside an old pipe. 

    The relining process creates one long pipe, which can navigate corners and change in size without requiring any joining mechanisms, so there are no weak spots.  The new hardened pipe can survive even if the old pipe surrounding it deteriorates or decays. Hence pipe relining is a structurally sound solution, stronger than PVC piping and longer lasting.

    Blocked Drains and Pipe Relining inCommercial Pipe Relining

    Choosing between trenchless pipe relining, and pipe excavation on a commercial site

    The decision on whether to reline or excavate is usually based on three factors; the position of the pipes, how quickly you need the problem to be resolved, and the cost. Pipes that run deep underground can be troublesome to excavate. Faster and less disruptive than excavation, pipe relining is perfect for commercial spaces that need a quick repair resulting in minimal disruption to business. Finally, due to pipe relining being a faster and less invasive solution, the costs associated are often less than excavation. Excavation can incur vast repair costs whereas with pipe relining often only requiring a single point of access, it is a great commercial solution with less business disturbance.

    If you are experiencing pipe or draining problems at your commercial property in Sydney, our team can help you find an effective and permanent solution. With minimal disruption to business and a 50-year warranty, pipe relining is the perfect cost effective solution for commercial settings.

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