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For Pipe Relining Sydney, trust Total Relining Solutions. We are 100% committed to offering the highest quality service at the most affordable prices in Sydney. We are a small, local team of plumbing professionals with expert skills in pipe relining. We have the latest pipe relining technology, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll receive the most suitable and permanent solution for your requirements.

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We got Joshua from Total Relining Solutions out after we had major flooding after a storm. We had other quotes to fix the issues but didn’t feel comfortable with the way they approached the job and didn’t understand why it would cost so much.

Then a friend recommended Joshua, he was informative and knowledgeable. He explained exactly what the problem was and had camera footage to back it up. He came up with a plan of attack we understood and was more affordable then any other quote we received.

The job was done to plan and we have never had a problem since, highly recommended using Josh and the Total Relining Solutions team.

Mike from Northbridge 
Mike from Northbridge

Josh was nothing short of exceptional when he solved our drainage problem. Our ancient pipes had eroded and was causing major flooding issues under our house. We thought it would cost a fortune to repair. Josh came in and fixed the problem in a single day. We could not be happier with his service and would recommend him to anyone.

Monique from Avalon 
Monique from Avalon

We had consistent plumbing issues and were getting our drains cleaned every 6 month. Our regular plumber that we have used for over 5 years recommended it was time for a permanent fix, and due to the pipe running under the building and ,my land scaped backyard pipe relining was the option.

He Put us on to Joshua from total relining solutions, Joshua was presentable and easy to understand. He quoted the job, we then we went and got two other quotes and Josh was still the most affordable and had the best warranty. We have continued to recommend Josh and his team every chance we get.

Terry from Newport 
Terry from Newport

How Pipe Relining Works


Inspect & Diagnose

We’ll use a special camera to map out your drain system and identify areas of damage.


Clear out debris

We’ll remove any tree roots, blockages and debris from the pipe system to prepare it for the new pipe liner.


Insert new pipe

The new pipe is inserted into the existing system and inflated. Once cured, it will last up to 50 years!

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Pipe Repair vs Replacement

Traditionally if you had a blocked pipe or overflow of your sewer a plumber would need direct access to it to fix it. That could mean cutting holes in walls, digging trenches in garden beds or closing off (or even excavating) roads to gain access. The alternative solution – pipe relining – is the keyhole surgery of the plumbing world. It is generally a less invasive, less cosmetically damaging method of solving plumbing issues but it’s not necessarily suitable, or most economical, in every situation. There are a huge number of factors that determine the best solution for a blocked pipe or overflow of sewer, and a qualified plumber is the best person to ask what solution is most likely to meet your needs. Below we discuss some of the factors worth considering when deciding how to solve your plumbing issues.

Is Pipe Relining as reliable as replacement?

Comparing relining a pipe to digging up the old one to replace it, it can seem like a comparison between repairing an existing pipe and getting a new one. Pipe Relining is often referred to as repair or rehabilitation, however, the end result of pipe relining is actually a new pipe – it’s just that the new pipe is inside an old one. Once a pipe is relined, the old pipe could disintegrate and the new relining will remain, unaffected. Essentially pipe relining gives the same end result as excavating and replacing – a new pipe that can stand on its own. The difference being that relining doesn’t necessarily get rid of the old pipe.

Your plumber should be able to tell you whether your blockage or overflow is an isolated incident or a sign of ageing or damaged pipes that are likely to give you further issues. A thorough inspection involves not just the use of a camera but also a high pressure clean that should make the condition of the pipes visible. Your plumber will then recommend one of two courses of action:

  • Sectional repair – a single faulty joint (the connection between two pipes), junction (the connection between two streams of pipes) or a piece of damaged pipe, can be replaced with a small section of liner or by exposing and replacing the problematic pipe or pipes. 
  • Total replacement or rehabilitation – complete replacement or relining of all your pipes. While it may only be some of your pipes leaking, if they’re all of a similar age and condition it can be more economical or practical to get them all done at the same time. This is usually recommended if there are signs of erosion or degradation on all, or many, of the joints. Taking this preventative approach ensures you won’t be left with collapsed pipes requiring emergency plumbing intervention. Collapsed pipes also usually take away the opportunity for relining, leaving excavation as your only option.
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Cost of Sydney Pipe Relining?

Obviously the speed of relining often makes it cheaper in terms of the hours of labour required by a plumbing team, but it’s important to consider not just the cost of the plumbing work, but also any related costs that might be incurred. For example, for a pipe in an apartment complex you might have to consider not just how much a plumber will charge to get access to a pipe in a wall, but how much plasterers and painters will charge to restore a wall to its original condition. When you consider the cost of external excavation you need to calculate the cost of landscapers repairing garden beds, carpenters repairing decking or concreters repairing driveways. Generally relining can be done without, or with minimal, excavation – access is often only required at a single point, and it usually disturbs less than a single square metre of ground.

If you have drain problems, contact the team at Total Relining Solutions; they provide camera examinations to show you the condition of your pipes, with experts who can explain what you see, and the best course of action – whether that’s relining or excavation. They guarantee their work to last 35 years, as well as guaranteeing the cheapest price – if you’ve had a quote for relining they will beat it. 

Commercial and residential Pipe Relining in Greater Sydney.

Whether you are looking to relin your pipes in a residence or a commercial location – Total Relining Solutions can handle the job. We have the tools and equipment to create liners for even some of the largest structures – we recently repaired a damaged section of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge drain system!

The pipe relining process works by combining a flexible textile liner with an epoxy resin blend. The exact type of liner and resin blend will depend on what size pipe is being replaced, what that pipe is made of, and what will be flowing through the pipes. For example, a household sewerage system will have different needs to a business with chemical or industrial waste. 

Once the right pipe reliner and resin blend has been created it gets pushed into the old pipes using air or water pressure. The reliner sticks to the old pipe, and is then either left to dry and harden, or cured using hot air or water. Whatever the hardening process, the liner transforms from a flexible fabric to a hardened pipe, sometimes referred to as a CIPP (cured in-place pipe). The new hardened pipe can survive even if the old pipe surrounding it deteriorates or decays.

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